• GORILLA GOLF CARDS is designed for 2 or more players. One player is designated as the dealer and is responsible for handing out cards when needed.

    The play deck consists of seven unique animal cards. Each card represents a penalty for the holder of the card. During the course of golf play, if a player performs an action described on the back of any card, they become the holder of that card. If a player performs an action for a card that is being held by another player, they become the new holder of the card.

    Players may obtain multiple cards on a single stroke. For example, if someone hits a tee shot that hits a tree and then goes out-of-bounds, they player would now hold the Gorilla and Lumberjack cards.

    The player holding the most cards, after the ninth hole is played, is the loser. The game ends after nine holes of golf have been played. Ties go to the player with the lowest number of strokes for the nine holes played.

    Make sure you check out our Optional Rules.

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